Having lunch in Florence


In this article you will find all the solutions for dining in Florence, whether it is quick or to be enjoyed for a long time, whether it is low cost or not.

Are you in town for work? Are you strolling with your sweetheart? Or are you simply discovering the historical and cultural sites of Florence?

Here is a brief guide to solve the lunch time. Whether it’s fast, romantic, or super cheap, in this article I will reveal all the possible solutions for your needs!

Quick and low cost lunch: street food

When we travel around a city for work or tourism we are often in a hurry.
Between an appointment and the other or between a visit to a museum and a cooking class, the lunch time is always reduced to a brief pause. But not for this, you must give up the taste of typical Florentine products. Being able to experiment in a low cost and fast way a typical lunch in Florence is possible.

All’Antico Vinaio is certainly the best known in Florence. Born in 1991, like me (in that year a lot of things were born) in via de ‘Neri, Piazza Signoria area.

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If you go on their website they have a page entirely dedicated to the celebrieties, because this is a must also for famous people of the show who do not want to miss the opportunity to try the typical “schiacciata co ‘la sbriciolona”.

In this place there will certainly be some typical Tuscan products and also a lot, a lot, but a lot of humor and Florentine spirit. 

If you are too hungry to wait 2 hours for an Antico Vinaio sandwich, I suggest you take a few steps and move to La Prosciutteria in Florence. Another sandwich shop, also in via de ’Neri, which can boast excellent flatbreads to be filled according to your taste at the time.

Another solution for a quick lunch of schiacciata and ham is Sandwichic.

This restaurant was born in an old haberdashery from the 1920s.
The place is small but cared for down to the last detail, there are still references that remind us of the old haberdashery, like the sign outside the main door.

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Florentine lunch: typical Tuscan cuisine

Are you in Florence the first time?
Then you certainly cannot miss the opportunity to have lunch in Florence as true Florentines.

Trattoria Mario winner of the “4 restaurants” program with Alessandro Borghese, is open only for lunch from Monday to Saturday.

It is located in the heart of San Lorenzo. In addition to good food, here you will breathe the typical Florentine air, where everyone knows each other and where one of the main topics is certainly football and Fiorentina!

Fiaschetteria Trattora da Mario

The tables are not so many, for this you can sit down at a table with other people, a good way to make new friends and to fully understand the Florentine soul, because we would talk with everyone!

The menu is never the same, because they cook what the land offers, following the period and the season.

What is certain is that if you want to experience the real cuisine of Florence, from the ribollita to the peposo to the more common Florentine steak, you must come to this place!

Chic and modern lunch

If you are looking for a chic, trendy and nice place to sit down for a quick snack, I recommend the Cantinetta dei Verrazzano.

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This restaurant is located in the center, via dei Tavolini, between the shopping streets, and it’s open every day except Sundays. The owners of this restaurant also own the famous Castello di Verrazzano in Greve, where it is possible to take guided tours to discover the enogastronomic world of Chianti.

At Cantinetta you can taste the excellent products that come directly from the farm, as well as many types of bread, pizzas and focacce of their production.

If you are looking for a place to have lunch in Florence but that has more international choices, I recommend you go to Ditta Artigianale. This place reminds me a lot of the Starbuck, in fact it will not be difficult to find someone in front of the PC intent on working.

This place is perfect for a coffee / cappuccino break (the coffees are really excellent and first choice) or for a quick lunch. You can find bruschetta, eggs, salads but also first courses! They have two rooms: one is located in via de ’Neri and the other in Oltrarno, in via dello Sprone.

Lunch for everyone

Another option for dining in Florence is the Central Market of San Lorenzo. On the 1st floor of the large complex of the Central Market you will find various stands from vegetarian to pizza, from fresh pasta to roasts.

You can also choose to eat in different stands, in the center you will find various tables, drinks will be brought directly to the table. It is a good compromise if you have to have lunch with someone but you don’t have the same tastes in terms of food!


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