This tour is a reinterpretation of the classic walking tour around the city. We will discover all Florence curiosities: stories and legends that nobody has ever told you!

This tour was born from the desire and desire to discover something different about Florence.

Many people already know when the Duomo was built and the history of Palazzo dei Priori , also known as Palazzo Vecchio and today the seat of the Municipality. But almost nobody knows the stories and legends related to these places.

How does the Florence curiosity tour take place ???

We will start from Piazza della Repubblica in the heart of the historic center of Florence and we will make an itinerary that will touch the most famous and well-known points of the city.

We will not observe them with the eye of the tourist who sees the Florentine beauties for the first time, but we will look for those details that are hidden behind the construction of the most famous buildings, in the names of the best known streets and in the stories of the characters they have made Florence great!

The tour will be entirely carried out by foot, walking through the streets of the city center and reaching the focal points that are located a short distance from each other.

The “Curiosity about Florence” tour will last approximately 2 hours and a half.

Who is this tour for?

This tour is for those looking for a different and more in-depth visit to Florence.

The tour is aimed both at those who have already visited the city for the first time or at least know the history of its monuments and churches well and are looking for something alternative. To those who want to discover a characteristic Florence, made of myths and old customs that however continue to be handed down over time.

This tour is also aimed at those who visit the city for the first time but are not interested in discovering the history of the buildings and monuments in detail, but they prefer to venture into the discovery of curiosities, legends and traditions.

What is included and how much does it cost?

The tour includes a visit to the city for a duration of about 2 and a half hours. The total cost is 220€, it is not to be intended per person but for the single tour.

Why choose the Curiosity tour in Florence?

I recommend you to choose this tour if you are looking for an alternative, light and fun way to discover the city.

A tour that will make you venture into the knowledge of Florence, its art and its history, but at the same time immerse you in the most realistic knowledge of the city. That vision made of curiosities and legends, of myths and traditions.

Choose this tour to delve into the Florence of the Florentines, discovering local customs, customs and habits, some funny anecdotes and even some ways of saying that they continue to be used today.

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