We will visit the shops of the most famous artisans of Florence to discover the authenticity of a city that starts right from its products.

What is Florentine craftsmanship ???

Craftsmanship is the creation of objects, both useful and decorative, completely handmade. Florence has always been a city famous for its craftsmanship.

In 2019 it was also named as “crafts capital”. And every year in spring, in Florence, the annual Craft Show has been held since 1931. A fair entirely dedicated to the Florentine hand-made that wants to enhance and encourage small and medium-sized craftsmen to make their products known.

How does the tour Workshops and artisans take place ???

This tour starts from Piazza Santa Maria Novella and takes place between the various narrow streets of Florence

Discovering not only of the city, but also and above all of the artisans and their shops. We will walk through the streets of the center and we will go to visit the work of goldsmiths, masters of the mosaic, masters of leather goods and many others.

We will briefly see the major monuments of Florence and dwell on the discovery of the craftsmanship that has made this city famous since the first centuries and which continues to make it so today.

Sarasflorence in Piazza Pitti

Who is the tour of the workshops and artisans of Florence aimed at?

The tour is aimed at those interested in discovering the true Florentine “hand-made”. To those who are intrigued by the craftsmanship and want to touch and see with their own eyes what the life of the craftsman who works in the workshop is like.

If you are looking for an alternative tour to visit the city, if in addition to discovering the monuments you also want to find small objects to take home with you, then you have found the tour that’s right for you!

In fact, after visiting each shop and seeing the work of the craftsmen, with a small explanation on how their craft is carried out, it will be possible to buy the various products they create at special prices.

What is included and how much does it cost?

The tour lasts about 2 and a half hours and we will move by foot through the streets of the city center.

A visit to 2-3 workshops of artisans who carry out different jobs is planned: from the goldsmithery, to the mosaic, to the leather up to the processing of the typical Florentine paper.

The cost is € 200 overall and not to be intended per person. The maximum number of participants is 8/10 since the workshops we are going to visit are rather small spaces that cannot contain large groups.

Why choose WORKSHOPS and ARTISANS tour in Florence?

I advise you to take this tour if you want to discover not only its works and its monuments but also its people and the products that that city offers to you.

Florentine artisans are an integral part of the history of Florence, so this is not just a tour to discover beautiful and made in Florence objects. But it is also a journey back in time, since very often, today, we no longer know where the objects we use daily come from and what the work is behind even the smallest and simplest product.

This tour is perfect for those of a place looking for authenticity made by the people who live there. It is the perfect solution for those who want to return home enriched not only to have visited a city but also to have known and touched the real work that made that city great and famous.

I wait for you to go, together with me, to discover Florence seen through the eyes of its artisans and the work of their shops.

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