APERITOUR to discover Florence


Not the classic tour but not even a normal aperitif, with the Aperitour you can discover Florence enjoying breathtaking views and combining the pleasure of taste with that of sight!

How does the Aperitour take place ???

The aperitif is always a good way to end a day. Especially from one of the beautiful terraces in Florence.

The main focus of the Aperitour in Florence is to have an overview of the city.

Know and recognize the main monuments and characteristic places but at the same time be able to relax, enjoy the sunset and drink a Spritz. What do you say, do you like the idea?

The meeting point will be decided based on the terrace where the tour will take place.
The terraces available for the Aperitour are really many, below are some of the possible choices:

  • The Student Hotel
  • View on Art
  • Lucchesi hotels
  • B-Roof
  • The loggia

You can choose the terrace you prefer or get advice from me; the terrace will also be chosen based on availability.

The tour will take place right on the terrace, it will be a figurative “journey” that we will do to discover Florence.

I will tell you everything you will see while you quietly enjoy your aperitif. I will answer your curiosities and tell you the stories related to the monuments that we will be able to see!

Who is the Aperitour in Florence for?

The Aperitour is aimed at those who want to have an overview of Florence, those who want to discover the city from a different point of view.

This unusual and particular tour may be suitable for those who visit the city for the first time and want to take a moment to relax but at the same time discover something new.

But it is also dedicated to those who already know Florence well, to those who would not do a classic tour through the streets of the city, but are looking for a non-trivial and alternative point of view.

What is included and how much does it cost?

The tour includes the cost of the visit, to be understood as global and not per person, but the cost of the aperitif that will be paid at the moment is not included.

Those who make this tour will enjoy a special price for the aperitif / aperitif to be consumed on the terrace.

The cost is € 95 (total and not per person) to which is added the cost, at a particular price, of the aperitif (per person). The duration of the tour is approximately 1 hour and a half. Once finished you can stay on the terrace without time limits.

This tour is always guaranteed in the high season from May to October.

In the low season, from November to April, the possible terraces for this tour will be a more limited selection, since it will be possible to perform the Aperitour only in locations that offer a covered and sheltered terrace.

Why choose the Aperitour?

If you are not the type who loves being in a crowd, if you don’t like walking and if you love seeing things from another perspective, this is the tour for you.

You won’t have to worry about walking around, standing or walking too much. You can sit comfortably and enjoy the view while sipping Prosecco.

In the same way you will have the opportunity to discover the history and art of the most famous places in Florence by observing them from above.

With this alternative tour we will not go around the city but we will see Florence from a different perspective. I will tell you about the different views while sipping an aperitif from one of the most beautiful panoramic terraces in the city.

But if the aperitif is not the one for me?

No fear! If the aperitif is not your forte, I have created alternatives that can include breakfast or a small snack, keeping the same method and the same price!

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