With this tour I will take you to discover the places in Florence linked to beautiful love stories!

How does the Florence love stories tour take place?

We will start from Piazza SS. Annunziata which is the first place linked to one of the most mysterious love stories of all time.

We will pass through the historic center visiting the streets of one of the most famous love stories, the one between Dante and Beatrice. And we will arrive in Oltrarno to see different locations linked to Florentine love stories.

The tour will take place entirely on foot and the total duration of the “Love Stories Tour” will be about 2 hours and a half.

Who is this tour for?

This tour is aimed at both those who have never visited Florence as they will still be provided with basic information on monuments and places of art. But it is aimed above all at those who have already visited the city and want to know different and alternative aspects.

The Love Stories Tour is perfect for a couple of lovers visiting Florence who want to relive and discover the places of the great Florentine love stories. It is also ideal for small groups of friends, an alternative idea to celebrate a bachelorette party.

What is included and how much does it cost?

The tour includes a visit for a duration of about 2 and a half hours. The total cost is €215, it is not intended per person but for the single tour.

Why choose the Love Stories tour?

I recommend this tour if you want to discover new and unknown aspects of the city such as love stories made of myths and legends, of mysteries and betrayals.

With this tour we will venture into art and history but we will make a journey into the feelings of the more or less famous people who have lived in Florence over the centuries.

If you are looking for other particular and unconventional tours, you will find many ideas for visiting Florence on my tour page.

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