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We chose Sara to take guided tours to the beautiful Florence – we visited Palazzo Medici RiccardiPalazzo Davanzati and we always chose her for city tours with our american relatives – very good, simple to speak and excellent knowledge of history. It will be our guide for the next visits – good job Sara!
Elisabetta Guerra

Advance the official mail of the section of the National Carabinieri Association of Maserà Albignasego and Due Carrare, municipalities located in the province of Padova, of which I have the honor to be President, to congratulate, also on behalf of the other numerous participants in the trip of June 9 and 10 , for the precise description of events, of places and characters performed by Miss Innocenti Sara in the two days in question.
Thanks to all of us.
Carabiniere E. Mauro Zanatta
President of the Section of Maserà Albignasego and Due Carrare PD

On the 9th and 10th of June with a group of 80 people we took a trip to Florence. On this occasion we had as a guide Sara Innocenti who literally delighted us with her skill, professionalism and love for her city. In making us travel the various sites of Florence, more or less known, has been able to make us taste history, art and medieval life, Renaissance and Risorgimento, but without neglecting the modern history. Young girl with a very broad culture, punctual and very polite, nice and ironic.
A vote from one to ten? … ELEVEN!
Mauro D’Andrea

We really enjoyed Sara’s walking tour of Florence. She was very knowledgeable about Florence‘s history, architecture and art, and was a fantastic tour guide.
Sara tailored our tour to our interests, and pointed out some local restaurants and shops she thought our family would enjoy. I highly recommend booking a walking tour with Sara. It was a fantastic way to get acquainted with this beautiful city!
Lisa Tascione

We spend the first 2 weeks of 2020 walking through the streets of Milan, Florence & Rome. What a wonderful time which was greatly enhance by 2 tour guides – Sara Innocenti from Sara’s Florence and Marina Juliette Vandenberg in Rome. We learned so much & had a blast with these ladies!
Patricia Thomas