Who is The Inflorencer? Influencer and tour guide of Florence.

Have you ever heard about The Inflorencer?
She’s not a common tour guide or a normal “influencer”. She “influences” on Florence; a 2.0 tour guide who brought her work into web world.

Who is she???

Sara Innocenti, aka the Inflorencer, was born in Florence and here she completed her studies and training. She has always been defined as a citizen of the world for her great passion for travel and different cultures.

For this reason, after finishing high school, she moved to the United States for some time, a country that has always fascinated her, and lived one of the most beautiful experiences that could be experienced at that age. Learning not only a new language, but also different uses and customs.

At twenty she returned to Italy to continue her studies in the faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, “because languages” says Sara “are the bridge that link people”.
During the University she feels the need to connect again with that world that lives outside hes small routine. For this she start again for a new adventure: Spain.

She lives in Spain for 6 months but at the and she decided to comeback in Italy, because her country misses her too much!

After qualifying as a tour guide in Florence, Sara starts working for some agencies. She brings tourists and foreigners around every day. But she doesn’t feel fulfilled enough, she feels the need to give something more.

She wants to find a way to communicate the art and history of her country not only to those visiting foreigners but to those who live in that city, to those who were born there and know very little about it.
In October 2017, she opens the Facebook page of Sara’s Florence, where she starts writing and showing through photos, as Sara sees “her” Florence.

She also opens a YouTube channel where it publishes small videos to tell anecdotes about Florence and Tuscany.

She starts using Instagram, which today remains her main channel where every day she can show Florence, her daily life and interact with her audience.
In March 2018, trying to make Florence known, and therefore “influence”, through all these channels, the idea of creating the character of “the Inflorencer” came to her.

Sara is also a tour guide .. in fact on the tour page you can find many ideas to visit Florence with her. Her fresh, youthful and light way will accompany you to discover the most famous and well-known places but also all those glimpses and peculiarities that only a Florentine doc. can know!